Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Little Patriot

In the morning while Foote is getting ready for work, the girls are constantly trailing him wherever he goes. If he is shaving they are on the bathroom counter; if he is sitting down to put on his shoes they are right at his feet; if he is in his closet getting ready they are at the door. Foote is really good to take advantage of this time to ask Aly about her ABC's and ask her all sort of questions to help her learn things. The last couple weeks he has been helping her learn her Pledge of Allegiance and the other day she came down from her nap and said "Mom I have been practicing my pledge of Allegiance and I can say it all by myself". Since she had always needed prompting in the past I was a little doubtful, but sure enough she said it with no problem. She is so proud of herself and tells everyone she meets "I can say my Pledge of Allegiance." And then whether they want to hear it or not she starts her recitation. I have included a recording you can hear Brooklyn in the Background she always tries to recite it along with Aly much to Aly's annoyance.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Happenings

The last few weeks have just flown by, we have been keeping so busy.  Here our some updates on what we've been up to.   My friend Angie and I decided to organize a joyschool for our little three year olds.  Aly has loved her first couple weeks of preschool.  Here are some pictures from Aly's first week in preschool.  She loves it and thinks that any craft requiring her to use her scissors is her favorite part.

Also, these last couple weeks Brooklyn started swimming lessons with her cousin Talia.  She loves it, and often ends the days lesson crying because she doesn't want to get out of the pool.

As for me, I joined a running group coached by a friend of mine who also coached Colorado College's cross country team.  We run every Saturday morning at seven and than have workouts e-mailed to us throughout the week to complete.  I really like it.  it's so great to talk to all the other women and hear all the things they are training for.  Colorado is such a great state for any kind of running I am really loving it.  The only challenge has been that I usually finish delivering papers just in time to go to practice.

This last weekend was the first race of the spring series.  It was the St. Patrick's Day 5k run.   This year I wanted to beat my time from last year.   I was worried when the race started because I had been up since 1:00am doing my paper route and then I still went to my runner's group practice and ran 4 miles.  By the time the race started I felt a little drained and was so sure that my time was going to be horrible.  I felt like I was going so slow and was really upset about my lack of energy, but even though I felt horrible about the race I still beat my last years time by more than 2 and 1/2 minutes so I was excited about that.  It's always nice to compare and se how far I have come in a year. Bring on the rest of the running season

One thing that is great about having family close is that it seems like we are always celebrating someone's birthday.  I have to give kudos to my sister-in-law Shanda she is so creative and puts together some great birthday parties for Gavin's party she made little super hero outfits for all the little ones.  My girls adored theirs and ask to wear them all the time.  For her daughter Talia's birthday, Shanda had a carosel party and the girls each got their own little stick horse to ride, my girls have loved them as well.