Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Little Patriot

In the morning while Foote is getting ready for work, the girls are constantly trailing him wherever he goes. If he is shaving they are on the bathroom counter; if he is sitting down to put on his shoes they are right at his feet; if he is in his closet getting ready they are at the door. Foote is really good to take advantage of this time to ask Aly about her ABC's and ask her all sort of questions to help her learn things. The last couple weeks he has been helping her learn her Pledge of Allegiance and the other day she came down from her nap and said "Mom I have been practicing my pledge of Allegiance and I can say it all by myself". Since she had always needed prompting in the past I was a little doubtful, but sure enough she said it with no problem. She is so proud of herself and tells everyone she meets "I can say my Pledge of Allegiance." And then whether they want to hear it or not she starts her recitation. I have included a recording you can hear Brooklyn in the Background she always tries to recite it along with Aly much to Aly's annoyance.

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Angie said...

I think it's so amazing and I'm so impressed with Aly knowing the Pledge of Allegiance by heart. Each time I see her I'm going to have her recite it. It's so cute!

By the way thanks to Aly, we are now practicing with Cassidy. :) Maybe we can have a little video put together of them reciting it and then send it to D.C. or to our Senator. :) I think that would show them!