Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My little Chatter box

Alyson is a constant chatter box as much as I hate to say it sometimes after a few hours of her constant narrative I tend to tune her out. Aly's latest is to start most of her conversations with "Once Upon a Time" I think this is funny because we seldom read stories that start with "Once Upon a Time" and she rarely watches any movies that would begin with this phrase, yet she uses it constantly. Here is an example of one of her conversations with me today.

Me - "Aly we need to go, so will you please put your shoes on."
Aly - "Once Upon a Time, Aly Jayne had some shoes, but Brookie took them and I lost them."

Me - "Aly I need you to take your dirty clothes to the laundry room"
Aly - " Once upon a time Aly Jayne took my clothes to the laundry room. I already did it"
Me - "Then why are they still here?

So apparently everything that happens to Aly qualifies as fairytale material. I guess that's a good attitude to have.

Also, over the last couple months Aly has informed me on a regular basis that I am not her mommy but that I am Brookie's mommy and that M&M grandma is her mommy (M&M grandma is Aly's name for Foote's mom because of the endless supply of M&Ms she has at her house). I've noticed that she does this with more frequency when she is in trouble. At first it was cute and funny, but now it is moving into the annoying territory because she is so consistent. The other day Aly's little friend came over to play and I told her I was going to call her mom and let her know we were on our way to drop her off. Aly then insisted that I call her mom too (Grandma Foote (M&M Grandma)) and let her know that she is on her way. I said "I am your mommy". "No your Brookie's mommy, M&M grandma is my mommy." She got all upset when I didn't make the phone call, and she kept persistently telling me she needed me to call her mommy. I told her that grandma M&M was Dad's mommy. "Yeah, and she is my mommy too."

Sometimes, I might agree with Aly, in that it would be nice if M&M grandma could be her mom when she is getting into trouble.

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The Goulds said...

Kids are too funny & sometimes a little bit annoying :) I sure miss you. We are trying to head out to CO soon & hope to see you if we do!