Friday, April 3, 2009

My new toy

My new toy. I have said before that when it comes to technology I am sadly in the dark ages. That was until I married Foote and now I have somewhat of a clue on what a Terabyte is vs. a gigabyte and all the lingo that goes along with the technological world. Foote recently switched to AT&T to get the iPhone about 5 months ago, and he has loved it so much that he cannot understand how he ever survived without it. We were on a family plan with Sprint before, and I still had a contract until July, but its difficult having to pay two separate phone bills, so Foote has been gearing up for bringing me over to AT&T in July and getting on a family plan again. Foote has been looking at all the phones he can get with AT&T for me, but they were all either low end free phones that never hold a charge (I'm terrible at charging my phone regularly) or smart phones that would require an expensive plan and, I would never figure out how to use it anyways. So he has been asking and asking me if I want an iPhone, I kept telling him, as long as my phone can make calls, I really don't use it for anything else. Since Foote was getting both phones through his company, and something about the corporate business plan and discounts on phones... stuff I don't really understand, he narrowed it down to the iPhone or some other quality smartphone that he could get at a discount. Then he showed me that his iPhone has pandora on it, and that made me want one. Foote, the miracle negotiator got Sprint to let me out of my contract without paying the $150 early termination fee and he surprised me with my very own iPhone. It has only been two days and I am in LOVE with this phone. Here is a run down of my first day with the iPhone. The iPhone has so many different applications, but here are the ones that I used in just my first day, I'm sure it will be awhile before I am really savy on this phone.

I had to make a trip up to Denver so I just went to google maps on my phone and it mapped the way for me and followed me all the way there like a GPS system so I just looked at my phone and could see which street to turn on because it knew right where I was. My iPhone also has Pandora (I mentioned earlier) which is a radio site that will only play the music you want and Foote rigged the car so that my phone plugs directly into the car stereo. So I went to Pandora typed in the title of a song that I like and then, for the whole trip only listened to songs that were similar to what I like. I love this website because it is a great way to find new music and not so well known artists, but I rarely used it before because I could only listen to it while at my computer, now anytime I am driving I have my own personalized radio station. This is probably one of my favorite features of my new phone. When I arrived at my appointment in Denver I was told I would have an hour wait. No problem, with my iPhone I spent the time reading my e-mails, catching up on blogs and getting my shopping list together from the coupon site I use. Not to mention all the normal phone stuff like making calls and sending text messages. It's really more like having my computer with me all the time. Did I mention that I love this phone? Plus it has a built in iPod, so I have a selection of Signing Time videos for the girls with me all the time, and with direct access to the iTunes store, I can download new music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks or applications anywhere and anytime. Apple should pay me a commission for all my ranting over this phone.


The Goulds said...

all I can say is NICE!!!

Cristi said...

I have a black berry and can't live without it! such fun stuff out there now!