Saturday, May 9, 2009

.....And another one bites the dust

Sometimes I feel like these two little girls are going to destroy my house right out from underneath me. They manage to make messes, and break things in record time. I feel like my days are spent cleaning one mess after the other. Our most recent loss was my digital camera. Brooklyn was sweet enough to take it with her into the bath to play with. Although I was not a great picture taker before, I most definitely will not be now, as we say farewell to our fourth digital camera that has met a watery grave. Yes I think it is safe to say that we should spend the extra money and get the waterproof digital camera.

#1 - Digital camera, met its watery grave at Bear Lake, it was sitting on a parked Jet Ski in its case and then was accidently bumped and fell into the lake.

#2 - Digital video camera, met its end when Foote had the brilliant idea of wearing it during his paragliding flight and ended up landing in a lake.

#3 - Digital camera, As I was loading our canoe from our camp sight last year It fell off the pile I was carrying and landed in the lake it was in its case and I grabbed it as fast as I could it worked for little while and finally gave out.

#4 - Digital Camera, Brooklyn very thoughtfully took it into the bath with her so it could get nice and clean.

I seem to have an electronic curse, I almost feel sorry for any electronic device entrusted to my care, it's as if it's only a matter of time before it will meet its end.

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