Monday, June 22, 2009

Our first campout of the season

We finally got in our first campout for the year. We were planning on going camping at least once a month, but with all the rain it's been hard to be motivated to go. We finally got away last weekend and decided to go to the Sand dunes, near Alamosa it was a lot of fun. Although, with the girls, any hiking of the dunes was minimal. There is a little creek that runs at the base of the dunes that is really shallow, so we played there all day long. Aly and Brooklyn loved it, it was like one huge sand box. We played in the sun so long that our attempts at sunsceening were not sufficient and unfortunately we all ended up getting severly sunburnt. Other than the sunburns and mosquitos it was a perfect weekend.

I really didn't take any good pictures of the dunes, this was the only one I could find. It's crazy just how big the sand dunes are.
This is where you could find Brooklyn most of the time just sitting in the water and letting the world pass her by.
Alyson went out and started digging in the mud when we first got back to the water from hiking the dunes and she didn't move from this spot for over four hours. A miracle, considering that getting this three year old to sit still for more than five minutes is usually impossible.
Brooklyn and dad enjoying the sun.

My poor burnt baby her face blistered she burnt so bad. Aly kept saying look mom I am my favorite color over and over so I guess being burnt red has its good side if red is your favorite color.

The girls had so much fun that we are planning on going back in August and inviting whoever wants to come play in the sand so if you are up to camping and want to come let me know.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Adventure Racing

I have found something I really really really want to get into. There is part of me that just jumps up and down in excitement when I talk about it, saying "It would be so fun! Tons of fun! It is perfect it combines everything I really love to do with what I have always wanted to try." Then there is another part of me that says it's unrealistic for a young mother with young kids still at home to be able to devote the needed training time, not to mention the monetary means to this new interest, but I don't care I am not ready to give up on the possibility. It is ADVENTURE RACING. Say what? I know you may have not have heard of it so here is a brief sum up of what it is.

Adventure Racing offers an easy crossover for cyclist, runners and water sport enthusiasts just to mention a few. Adventure races can vary anywhere from 2-5 person teams, with some events now offering solo categories. The disciplines can also vary from race to race. Adventure racing can include shredding through tight single track on a mountain bike, or orienteering and hiking through a dense forest. Adventure racers may find themselves ripping down rapids in a canoe and then rappelling off a 100 foot rock face. The races can last a few hours or several days and can cover 10 - 100 miles or more!

The best part is that there is a new team here in Colorado Springs and I currently go to their weekly running club. They have invited me to join. I have to say I have no skills in orienteering, but this sounds like something I can get into if only I had the hundreds of dollars for the gear and all the spare hours for the training.

Running, Running, Running

In January I became good friends with Judy Fellhauer, she was a regular in one of the spinning classes I go to a lot. She used to coach running at Colorado College and she was getting ready to put together a team for women runners, beginners on up. I thought it would be nice to do some training with a group to keep me motivated and to meet more runners. I am by no means a good runner. I am really slow, but I try.

We started running in the the March snow and this last weekend we did our concluding race - 10 miles in the Garden of the Gods. This is a tough course, it has lots of hills, in fact a lot of runners say they would rather do an easy half marathon rather than the Garden of the Gods 10 miler. It was tough but it was also a great way to end fourteen weeks of training. Our group is now continuing on to run a fall marathon, so I might actually get my Marathon in this year, we'll see. It has been so great to make so many new running friends and be with other people who are always training for something.

Brooklyn is Two

Our little Brooklyn turned two this last week. Where does the time go?

We celebrated by waking her up on her birthday singing happy birthday, bringing her a birthday crown and giving her breakfast in bed. She requests to have peanut butter for breakfast everyday so for her birthday breakfast she got her wish, peanut butter toast and chocolate milk her favorites.

We took the girls to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner to celebrate, and Brooklyn spent all her tokens on one ride that she just thought was great and rode it over and over.

We had a small family party for her with Grandma, Grandpa, Ann, and Preston and his family. Since Dora is currently one of Brooklyn's favorite things to watch I did a simple Dora expedition.

Swiper swiped the cake and the girls had to follow the map to his hideout to find it. It was a hit the girls all had little back packs and were so cute. I think my favorite part was when I asked "What do we say to Swiper?" For those of us who watch Dora on a regular basis whether we want to or not we know the answer is "Swiper no swiping" and then Aly says, through Clenched teeth says "GIVE US OUR CAKE BACK NOW!"

The girls playing their recorders to wake up the sleeping bear so they can make it through the forest.

They made it through their expedition and found the cake in Swiper's hideout. It was a fun few days of celebrating.