Monday, June 15, 2009

Brooklyn is Two

Our little Brooklyn turned two this last week. Where does the time go?

We celebrated by waking her up on her birthday singing happy birthday, bringing her a birthday crown and giving her breakfast in bed. She requests to have peanut butter for breakfast everyday so for her birthday breakfast she got her wish, peanut butter toast and chocolate milk her favorites.

We took the girls to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner to celebrate, and Brooklyn spent all her tokens on one ride that she just thought was great and rode it over and over.

We had a small family party for her with Grandma, Grandpa, Ann, and Preston and his family. Since Dora is currently one of Brooklyn's favorite things to watch I did a simple Dora expedition.

Swiper swiped the cake and the girls had to follow the map to his hideout to find it. It was a hit the girls all had little back packs and were so cute. I think my favorite part was when I asked "What do we say to Swiper?" For those of us who watch Dora on a regular basis whether we want to or not we know the answer is "Swiper no swiping" and then Aly says, through Clenched teeth says "GIVE US OUR CAKE BACK NOW!"

The girls playing their recorders to wake up the sleeping bear so they can make it through the forest.

They made it through their expedition and found the cake in Swiper's hideout. It was a fun few days of celebrating.


The Goulds said...

You do such great parties!!! Holy cow has it really been over 2 years since you admitted you were pregnant? I can't believe it. Happy birthday by the way. You are an amazing person Camille & I'm so thankful for our friendship...I miss our Hamburger Helper talks!

Wright's said...

Looks like a fun party. Happy Brooklyn and Happy Birthday Camille. I thought of you yesterday, and wanted to call but didn't get a chance. Hope it was a good one.