Monday, June 22, 2009

Our first campout of the season

We finally got in our first campout for the year. We were planning on going camping at least once a month, but with all the rain it's been hard to be motivated to go. We finally got away last weekend and decided to go to the Sand dunes, near Alamosa it was a lot of fun. Although, with the girls, any hiking of the dunes was minimal. There is a little creek that runs at the base of the dunes that is really shallow, so we played there all day long. Aly and Brooklyn loved it, it was like one huge sand box. We played in the sun so long that our attempts at sunsceening were not sufficient and unfortunately we all ended up getting severly sunburnt. Other than the sunburns and mosquitos it was a perfect weekend.

I really didn't take any good pictures of the dunes, this was the only one I could find. It's crazy just how big the sand dunes are.
This is where you could find Brooklyn most of the time just sitting in the water and letting the world pass her by.
Alyson went out and started digging in the mud when we first got back to the water from hiking the dunes and she didn't move from this spot for over four hours. A miracle, considering that getting this three year old to sit still for more than five minutes is usually impossible.
Brooklyn and dad enjoying the sun.

My poor burnt baby her face blistered she burnt so bad. Aly kept saying look mom I am my favorite color over and over so I guess being burnt red has its good side if red is your favorite color.

The girls had so much fun that we are planning on going back in August and inviting whoever wants to come play in the sand so if you are up to camping and want to come let me know.

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