Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Campout #2

We promised ourselves that we were not going to let this summer pass by without getting in some good camping trips. My extended family was planning a family reunion at Pineview Reservoir in Utah, so we decided just to go a little early and stay a little late and make a camping trip out of it. It was really fun to see everyone. I have great cousins and it is fun to see them and all their families.

The Girls had a great time roasting marshmellows and eating smores

Brooklyn couldn't quite figure out why her marshmellows never turned out like she wanted. She would insist on doing it herself and then cry over and over "its not working, its not working"

We did a lot of canoeing and my girls who can fall asleep anywhere fell asleep on almost every canoe trip we took. I don't think they look very comfortable, but like I said these girls fall asleep anywhere.

Foote gave Brooklyn the assignment to fill this little black bag up with rocks to help weigh down the canopy. More then anything he was just trying to get her out of the way while we finished seting up camp. A half hour later "Were is Brooky?" She was still working on filling the bag with rocks totally content and so serious about her job.

Some of my extended family playing on the beach of the lake. We had a lot of fun playing in the sand and giving canoe rides to all the kids.

Preston and Foote giving a canoe ride to the kiddos.Like I said they fall alseep any where Brooklyn catching some snooze time on the beach.

Unfortunately we are beginning to have more and more pictures of Aly that look like this she is so determined to have things done her way that when something isn't done just the way she wants it, watch out for the wrath of Aly. In this photo I made the mistake of telling Aly we were building the great wall of China instead of a sand castle... what was I thinking? Another happy moment with Aly

For any regular followers of our blog you may remember that Aly and Brooklyn have named our old diaper pale (which is no longer in use and has been cleaned)...they naemd the diaper pale Mango and carry him around the house and play with him, almost like he's another member of the family. Well I guess on our trip Aly was missing Mango because she named the water cooler Baby Mango and played with Baby Mango and even insisted that "Baby Mango needed to be buckled into his seat for the car ride home..Aly carrying around "Baby Mango"

Brooklyn, Baby Mango, and Aly sleeping on the long drive home this camping stuff can wear you out.

So we made it through our campout with no major problems except that Foote ran out of propane for the coleman stove and tried to use gasoline. It didn't work and we blew up the stove and singed the tree above it, luckily Foote escaped with just a few singed hairs himself. But fortunately that happened on the very last day of our campout so we only had to cook on our tiny little bunson burner only one night.The tree with its singed leaves
We planned on leaving the last night and driving through the night, but just as we were starting to pack up it began to rain and it poured all night, so we ended up hanging out in the tent, which wasn't to bad because we just listened to the rain and watched movies on our iPods while curled up in bed it was really nice.

Our welcome home to Colorado Springs.

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