Monday, September 7, 2009

Camping With the Family

We also have done a couple camping trips. One with the extended family, it was fun to have Dan and Natalee come and spend time with all of us. After all the years of camping in Colorado and constantly being warned about bears and hearing all the stories they use to scare you into making sure no morsel of food can possibly be found in your camp. We had our first bear visitors in our camp this year. Only two small black bears and they ran away as soon as we walked towards them. They were very persistent and kept coming back until they had checked out everything they thought might be holding food.

Aly loved Grandpa's hat and wore it around for most of the first day of our camping trip she didn't want me to take her picture so she refused to smile

Preston, Shanda and Dan playing with the kids in the lake when we tried to do some swimming to cool off.... that is before we got told by the campground Nazi that there was no swimming in the lake. I really wanted to ask if wading was aloud, but since there was no sense of humor detected I figured I better not.

Aly and Talia playing in the Hammock. Cousins are the best.

Brooklyn and Dad sharing some love

Our second camping trip was with my brother Preston and his family. My brothers are big hunters and spend a lot of time planning and preparing for their big hunt. So this was a family campout/scouting expedition.

Everyone trying to warm up by the fire after a cold night.

Our Beautiful campsite

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