Monday, September 7, 2009

Good times Doing Nothing

August is over and I am so sad because I had a list a mile long of all the great things I wanted to do this summer and only crossed off about a handful. We have been trying to cram in as much summer fun into the last few weeks as possible.

We spent our traditional week in Vail, the best way to sum up what we did is to say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! well we went swimming. We go every year so we have already done a lot of the things that there are to do, but mostly after me quitting my paper out and Foote having some hard weeks at the office the most appealing vacation was one in which we did nothing. We spent our days taking naps, swimming and eating and that is about it.

Swimming at the time share we only had one scarry near drowning experience with the girls and considering we were probably in the water at least three hours a day I guess that is not bad.


Wright's said...

I'll try to ignore that you didn't make us part of your summer plans. I know you were in Utah and never called. I'm glad your not doing the route anymore. I don't know how you did it and still stayed so active. Are the girls going to preschool this year? Will you be getting a break?

The Goulds said...

those are the very best types of & just doing nothing together.

Cristi said...

I Love doing nothing! good for you guys!