Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September Sum Up

I would really like to be more consistent at posting, but since that has not recently been the case I find myself so often trying to sum up a whole month in one post.

September just flew by and I think it was because we were all back to the routine. The girls both started school at the beginning of the month. Aly is attending a Co-op I put together with a group of other moms, she goes twice a week. My sister-in-law Shanda started a Montessori preschool/toddler class in her basement, so Aly attends the Montessori school one day a week and Brooklyn attends Shanda's toddler class two days a week. Both of the girls are loving school. Despite the two very different learning styles Aly really likes going to both of her schools.

Photo of Aly's first day of school (I stole this photo off my friend Valerie's blog because I am such a photo slacker I did not have any photos of Aly's first day, but I knew I could count on Valerie for a great picture and sure enough. Thanks Valerie.)

I completed my first half marathon on Labor Day, it was definitely more challenging than I expected it to be. Part of the problem may have been splitting up a lot of running training with triathlon training, I had not done as many longer runs as I would have liked. I definitely need more practice on hydrating while running, I am horrible at hydrating like I need to. I very rarely drink anything while running and this was the first race that it really affected me. I cramped up from about mile 9 until mile 12 which really hurt my time, but still a great race.

Me and a couple of my running buddies at the starting line.

Gay, Julie and I after the race with Judy our running group coach she was nice enough to come cheer us on.

Alyson also started gymnastics at the beginning of September and she loves swinging on the rings and jumping on the trampolines.

Our little Gymnast Aly

I took a little mini vacation with the girls, Grandma and Aunt Ann to go visit Aunt Jenice in Kansas. The girls loved it, Jenice has a lot of property and the girls loved being able to play outside. Her propery is right next to a church that has a playground set and swings in the yard, Aly was so impressed she kept saying "Aunt Jenice has a park in her yard."

Uncle Dan even came up from Oklahoma and spent the day with us and it was good to see him too.

They also got there first chance to go horseback riding and they loved it when I rode with Brookie she didn't want me to hold on to the raines at all, she was determined to do it herself.


Wright's said...

You're so amazing Camille. Go job on all the training, schooling, mothering etc. Your girls are growing, I look forward to our next visit whenever that is.

The Goulds said...

Where did the time go that both of the girls are in school & how nice it must be to have a little break now & then :)I met a girl last night named Camille & it made me miss you & our Hamburger Helper talks :)