Monday, September 7, 2009

Take me Out to the Ball Game

My friend Angie and I attempted to go watch the local semi-pro baseball team, the Skysox but it rained out so we swaped our tickets for another game. We chose kids eat free night and did a girls night out. The girls loved it they clapped and cheered and could not keep their eyes off of the mascot, Socks the Fox, who even stopped to say Hi. Brooklyn was brave enough to give him knucles but Aly, who is always terrified of mascots kept her distance.

The girls didn't mind the rain at all and could not figure out why everyone else did not want to come out and play in the rain

Our Second Attempt it was a beautiful evening and the girls had a great time.

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Angie said...

I'm glad we got our 2nd chance! It was so fun! Thanks for coming with us!