Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annual Hunting Trip

For those that don't know, my dad and brothers are big time hunters. I can still remember when I was little, going hunting with them. I was the girl in the middle of all the boys so I would always cry to go because I didn't want to be left behind. I know my brothers love to tell all the stories about how much of a pain I was to take hunting, but I remember that there were a lot of times I went when I helped haul Elk off the mountain.

The whole year revolves around the week long hunt and all my brothers come from all over to hunt together even my brother Ed who lives in Virginia makes the time to come out for the hunt. They have meetings to discuss strategy...you get the picture it is SERIOUS stuff for them.

Foote was invited to go with them for the first time last year. I was the one that had to tell Foote the difference between an Elk, Antelope, and deer...needless to say I was a little worried for him to hunt with my family. I kept trying to prepare him "If my brothers and dad aren't nice to you just ignore them." I kept trying to drop hints to my family remember he hasn't been hunting all his life, so have some patience. Well lets just say it probably did not go over so well poor Foote was so out of shape that he about died hiking the mountains, he told me that all the guys had to wait for him for over an hour while he tried to hike down the mountain on his poor, stiff, injured knees that were completely shot even after getting home he could barely walk down the stairs for a month. Not to mention that after all the hiking and work they had no luck and came home completely empty handed.

SO I figured that he had experienced enough hunting, but to my surprise he announced that he wanted to go hunting again he bought his own Elk tag and gun and even started working out everyday so that he wouldn't die on the hunt. So he spent the last Week down in Antonito Colorado on the border of New Mexico and Colorado hunting with my Dad, brothers and a bunch of other hunting buddies. Not only did he survive the hunt and for the most part, but he was even able to keep up with everybody sort of. Even tough he didn't shoot his own elk, their hunting party was able to bring home three good size bulls so they were all excited.

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Wright's said...

My dad used to be a big hunter too. I grew upon elk meat and love it. Every once in a while we get lucky and an uncle will give use a couple roasts. Hopefully you guys get some of the meat. It's scary to send your husband off with your family you hope they will come back and forgive you for what ever happens.