Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love the Nike +

I am loving my Nike+. If you are a runner or even a walker you have got to check it out. It's a chip that goes on your shoe and corresponds with your iPod. It tracks EVERYTHING it keeps a running log of all your runs and updates automatically to the Nike website (FREE Membership) anytime you plug your iPod into your computer. The part that I love is that it even keeps track of all your best times and best paces automatically. You can also set up challenges or compete in other challenges for medals. Right now I am part of five different ongoing races with other nike+ users all over the world it helps keep me motivated so I won't get passed up by other runners. It even has online coaching programs, Foote has been doing a walk to run program and has really come a long way. So if you are looking for Christmas ideas for a runner this is one of my top suggestions. If you already are a Nike + user we will have to connect online so we can race.


Wright's said...

I hope you don't go overboard with this, I know how you love to compete.

The Goulds said...

very cool....wish I even just had an ipod :)

Cristi said...

i thought that was a pregnancy test at first glance!