Monday, January 18, 2010

FINALLY......Oh Man... Now I Have to Wait Again

I hate waiting in line. I think I am one of the most inpatient people ever. I have been waiting in the "Queue" for about a month and a half for this book from the library. I know that most of you are wondering why I did not just go buy the book, but remember I am the ultimate cheapskate. Why would I buy something if I can get it for free? I almost caved a couple times though. ( Just a side note I think Colorado Springs has one of the best library systems ever. I love that any book I want I can put on hold on the internet and just go pick it up when it is available. I know most people are thinking DUH that is how most libraries work, but if you grew up in small communities like I did where the public libraries selection was laughable at best and a new release meant that the book had come out sometime within the last ten years you would understand why I love the Colorado Springs library so much.)

Anyway I have been checking online everyday for over a month to see if I am any closer to getting my book and FINALLY it was my turn. I raced over to the library and had the book read that very day. It is kind of like being really excited for a great desert and when it comes you are so excited that you just scarf it down and than afterwords wish you had ate a little slower and savored it a little bit more because the next book doesn't come out until 8-24-10 That is FOREVER away!

I was really tempted to just end my blog there, but I know if someone did that to me I would be really annoyed that they did not even mention what the books name is. It is Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It is the second book in a somewhat new teen series and if I had to point to a series that I could see becoming the next BIG thing this would be it. Although, part of me secretly hopes that this does not happen. I love good books, but find myself becoming a little annoyed when they become really really trendy. I think most people know to what books I refer. I still really like them. I just don't like to be bombarded by the fact that I fall into the category of the really really annoys me.

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