Sunday, February 21, 2010


Help!! My husband is a YouTube addict. I am not kidding. Foote is a technology freak, he is constantly reading up on every new development and spending hours figuring out software programs. One of his latest obsessions is YouTube, and it doesn't help that he has it on his iPhone either. He's been watching YouTube for a while, but the bad thing about YouTube is how addicting it is, they create new videos on a monthly or weekly basis and it's almost like a favorite TV program, you have to see their new project and then they have other YouTubers collaborate on their projects so you check out the collaborating YouTube chanel and it just escalates from there. I do have to say that I am very impressed by the filming abilities and creativity of a lot of the YouTubing world, a lot of them are just kids. I try to avoid getting sucked into the addiction abyss, but I also cannot help being completely entertained when watching the YouTube episodes Foote plays for me. I have included some of Foote's latest favorite YouTuber updates. Keep in mind these are people that film their little videos out of their basements or living rooms and come up with creative ideas all the time to keep their subscribers entertained, not to mention the editing.....I am impressed. Foote's addiction is even rubbing off on the girls here are a couple of their current favorites.

The girls have this one memorized word for word. You might have to be an iPhone user to appreciate this song

The girls have seen this one a hundred times at least, but Brookie still tries to blow up a balloon on her shirt everytime.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aly Driving

I think one of the most frustrating part of going anywhere is trying to get the girls in the car. They always want to get a last minute snack or go find their favorite stuffed animal to ride in the car with them. I stand by the door yelling, "Alyson and Brooklyn you better get in the car right now or I will have to just leave without you." One day they will catch on to the how lame this threat is. As if I could leave my two and three year old home alone. As of right now it still works and they come running in fear of being left home alone. Lately Aly has started replying back, "If you leave me than I will just drive my own car." "Oh really I did not know you had a car. My red and yellow one." It than dawns on me she is talking about her little fisher price car. "The only thing is that my car doesn't have a radio so I will just sing." I think it is hilarious that this is the biggest problems she sees with her car. I am almost tempted to leave just so I can watch Aly's attempt to drive her car further than ten feet...comical