Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back In Business

As many of you know over the last seven years of marriage I have thrown a paper out off and on. I choose to do a paperout because it is a good supplement to our income, but more importantly because it allows me to be home during the day with my girls. If I have to work, I would rather just work a few hours a night and be home by the time the girls wake up. As of this month the paper out thing is back on. So here our the big positives for me. 1.) less financial stress for Foote 2.) Major Audiobook time which is great since my goal this year is 52 books read or listened to by the end of the year. 3.) COUPONS! It is like a secret bonus to have an unlimited supply of coupons. On an average visit to the grocery store it cuts my bill from about $60.00 to about $35.00. But the best is when you get that really good FREE deal that happens a couple times a month. This week it is SNICKERS candy bars. This is good and bad while I love anything for free I definitely don't need the calories of 20 SNICKERS bars.....Oh well I can't pass up a free deal. So as of now I am back in business with the coupon shopping and loving it. It was killing me to pay full price.


Angie said...

You're our newspaper idol!!! :)

Enjoy those Snicker Bars!!! If you get tired of them or feel too guilty eating them, we don't mind if you share with us. :)

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, Camille! That takes some serious discipline and will power!

Even more only usually spend $60 at the grocery store. Is that weekly?

I miss you! Hope all is well.

Cristi said...

i'm so impressed that you can work those hours!