Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the entertainment continues...

Aly playing soccer has become a complete comedy to watch. At least that is what I have to tell myself, or I will just cry in frustration. Let me try to describe some of the highlights of our first three games. Since the age I coach is so young, the coaches are the referees, so I am on the field with my players the whole game. At the beginning of the game, Alyson comes on the field and immediately runs to the other side of the field, where there are no players and no ball, she is just off by herself she then proceeds to run laps around the field and could care less if she is anywhere near the ball. I am yelling "Alyson! Alyson! come help your team!." No response, she just keeps running. At one point she runs right in front of our goal just as the other team shoots a goal to score, she is our last hope and I really am hoping that she will stop the ball. Instead, she kind of trips over the ball while running, gets up, and just keeps making her laps around the field. There are a handful of times that she is in the right place to stop a breakaway by the other team, and will just run right past the other player as they charge to our goal to score. As a soccer player it is hard for me to watch. As we're getting in bed that night Brooklyn asks "Did Aly do good at her race?" I respond "Aly wasn't racing she was playing soccer." Aly says "No I was racing and I was the winner."

Game #2 it is a cold game and my girls play maybe the first five minutes of the first quarter and refuse to play the rest of the game. Aly keeps running out on the field to me as the game is in progress and asking if we can go home now. the few minutes that Chloe and Alyson play they pick up the cones that mark the field and put them on their heads and run around laughing and laughing, and I have to chase them down to put the cones back and remind them we are playing soccer.

Game #3 Alyson and Chloe are on the field at the same time. I usually try to avoid doing this because we only play 4 on 4, so if both girls are on the field it is more like 4 against 2 because the girls very rarely participate. The other team is at our goal ready to score and Aly and Chloe are in the very center of the field with arms locked together spinning as fast as they can in circles and than falling to the ground laughing. At one point Aly sits down in the very center of the field and pulls up her pant leg to check out an "owie" that she got on her leg. Both teams charge past her trying not to step on her and she just acts completely oblivious to the fact that a game is going on. Later, she runs up to me "Mom I have to go to the bathroom." This is a problem because due to budget cuts our Parks and Recreation department has shut down all the bathrooms at all of the parks so we had her go before she left the house, but she insisted she did not have to go. I tell her she will have to go talk to daddy because I can't help her right now. Foote tells her she is out of luck and will have to hold it. A few minutes later he looks up to find her pants down crouching behind one of the cones that mark off the field. YIKES!! I do have to admit though that Aly did at one point in this game go after the ball. You would have thought she had scored three goals by the way Foote and I were cheering. It was probably only about one minute of participation, but its the most effort that she has put into the actual game the whole season and I was so proud.


Kari Cowden said...

Hi Camille! My son(who was four) was almost the same way last fall. I don't know how much he learned, but we sure had some good laughs watching him play. And he wants to play again this year, so it must have been a good experience from his point of view. :) By the way, we are moving to Colorado (Fort Collins) next month. We are super excited!

Valeri said...

Yep, that about sums it up! You did a great job, Camille! Even if the girls were a challenge!