Monday, May 31, 2010

Alyisms at age 4

Our Aly,  I love the idea of occasionally doing a Blog just to help me remember how Aly is right now at this age. I am loving how much my girls have started playing together. They will spend hours playing house or pretending to be each others dog or cat. Pretending to be each others pets is their favorite thing to do. Aly's bizarre love of cats has never completely gone away she now splits her time between being Gilbert (her name for herself when she is a cat) and Black (her name for herself when she is a dog). When she is in her play mode she will refuse to do anything for you unless you call her by the appropriate pretend name. I can say "Aly get in the car we need to go." "I am not Aly I am Black you need to say Black get in the car."

Anytime she gets disciplined she will follow me around the house telling me I need to tell her I am sorry for being mean to her.

While I have been able to have Aly try a lot of things like gymnastics, swimming, theater, running, and soccer. Her favorites are swimming and running. Anytime she has room to run she will yell "Mom watch me run like super snap" (a speedy character she got from the Backyardigans). She loves to race and anytime I challenge her to a race she breaks out in a fit of giggles as she tries to beat me.

Aly has just recently started making up songs and singing about everything going on around her. If I tell her to wait in the car. She will break out into song "I am waiting in the car...I love waiting in the car." Her most common song is about how she is super and can do super things.

Aly has an uncanny ability to know when someone is joking even if she has no idea what the punch line means. Foote and I will often be joking in a sarcastic subtle way only to have our four year old breakout in laughter at our jokes as if she understood the whole thing.

Aly is really bright and I am so impressed at how well she reads considering she still has more than a year until she will even start school. Whenever I am reading she will come snuggle up to me and ask me to read out loud, she will lay next to me and listen, even though she has no idea what is going on in the book I am reading.

I have been trying to teach her beginning math concepts, she is fascinated with the concept of zero and always makes comments about zero. "Mom can I have some choclate?" "I don't have any choclate" "You have zero choclate?"

Whenever Foote leaves for work in the morning she gives him a shopping list as if he spends his work day at the grocery store. Most of the time she reminds him don't forget to bring home some strawberries and yogurt. Aly is a fruit addict, if I have any fruit in the house at all she is constantly asking for more. I can not count the amount of times I have come into the kitchen to find her eating a whole box of strawberries or she will bite into a watermelon like it is an apple she says she loves the green part.

Now that she is in primary we get a lot of reproofs to our discipline like "Are you listening to Jesus" or Jesus doesn't like it when your mad at me."

She adores her dad and often tells me that Brooklyn goes with mom and Aly goes with dad as if we have his and hers children. If Foote is home for dinner her chair has to be right next to his to the point that he has no elbow room to even eat.

She climbs on everything I find her on top of my kitchen cupboards and refrigerator on a daily basis. I would probably get really angry about this except when I was her age I did the exact same thing so I feel like I am just getting pay back. 

When she comes up with a bizarre idea she will keep it going forever. Her most recent idea is that she is 10 years old and so for over a week now she has been singing songs about how great it is to be 10 and she keeps informing me that "Mom everyone keeps saying I am 4, but I am 10 and I am getting really tired of people saying I am 4."

Things that Aly currently does that drives me crazy - Maybe in the future I will laugh about these things, but right now they are not so funny. she loves to act like she has no control over her hands. she gives them their own names Hika and Mika and then anything she does becomes their fault. "Aly don't hit Brooklyn." "I didn't it was Hika and Mika I told them to stop, but they are not listening." "Who spilt the water all over the floor?" "It was Hika"...This passing of blame gets really old after a while.  And the Licking....Since she is a dog or a cat about 80% of the day she is always licking my face I HATE this.

We sure do love this girl she definitely keeps life entertaining.

Aly's 101 Dalmatians

Aly took a little music theater class few months ago and had her big show was at the end of April. Her classes part of the show lasts a whole five minutes so I decided to just post it on the blog. Her first line is "Don't worry Rolly we just have to stick together." For some reason she has never been able to say her line without touching the shoulder of the girl that played Rolly. I also love how in the second part of the show she points very obviously to the girl who needs to say her line. These kids are just to cute.