Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer In a nutshell

Busy Busy Summer. Camping, road trips, family reunions and swimming.

We started the summer with a campout to the sand dunes. That sand and water is a perfect combination. This year our friends Angie and Cassidy Johnson cam along with us, so that was a fun treat.

Next we squeezed in a couple weeks of swimming lessons. Between lessons and going to the gym the girls have spent hours and hours in the pool this summer.

Next we headed to Salt Lake City for one of our weekend trips (the kind where you spend more time in the car than at your destination.) We were able to be with Brad and Jenny for Jaden's sealing and blessing it was great to finally see their beautiful baby.

Two weeks later we were back in Utah again to celebrate the fourth of July with Foote's brother Bob and his wife Holly. We were there for the blessing of their little girl Alexis. It was fun to get together with all of the Foote cousins and picnic in Uncle Bob and Aunt Holly's beautiful back yard. Uncle Bob let all the grandkids try out his water bottle rocket launcher. We were able to watch fireworks in Pleasant Grove and other than having a few of the fireworks fired into the crowd it was great fun.

The next week Uncle Ed, Aunt Kari and our cousins Hazel, Ginger, and Poppy all came into town, which was a great treat since it has be a few years since we have seen them. We had a Hickman get together. Uncle Brad and Aunt Jenny also came with their baby Jaden so we were able over the next couple weeks to see all our family except Uncle Dan. It was two weeks full of family and picnics, outings, and fun things.

Talia, Hazel, Brooklyn, and Ginger having a great time plying in grandma's back yard

Grandpa and the uncles took all the kids out for a fishing outing.
Grandpa teaching Talia to fish
Gavin displaying his catch
Brooklyn fishing for the first time.

All the little grandaughters were invited to a special tea party with Grandma. They all dressed up and had a great time.

All the little grand kids and Aunt Shanda (so Milo would stay in the picture)

Aunt Shanda singing songs with all the grandkids this must of kept them entertained for over an hour (definitely picture worthy).

roasting marshmellows in Grandpa's backyard.

Good times playing at the park. (I really like the picture with all the grandkids trying to out weigh grandpa.)

Aunt Jenice came a few days later and we had a great time having adventures with her. We also got to celebrate China's birthday with her while she was here.

Aly and Brookie riding bearback for the first time.
The girls at the top of Pikes Peak with Aunt Jenice
Aly exploring cave of the winds with Dad and Aunt Jenice

Thanks for a great family filled summer. We love and miss you all.