Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered

Foote is back into the "I have to get in shape fast before the hunting trip." I on the other hand, am a consistent work out all year long type because it helps me stay sane. Although I have to admit that since being pregnant my workouts have changed a lot. I said I was going to run all the way until my due date, because I know a lot of women do, but I am lucky to do a mile before I have to walk not because I feel winded, but because all the pregnancy parts of me begin to protest very loudly. I have tried to convince Foote that he should try to be the work out all year type so that he does not have to do the one-month crunch in an attempt to not die when he goes hunting, but it is yet to happen.

Foote decided that he wanted to do the incline on Saturday to get in shape. I told him maybe he should start by just running a couple of miles on flat ground, but he was determined. What is the Incline? It's a sort of stairway up the side of Pikes Peak; you climb about 2200 feet in elevation in just over a mile.

Here is a clip that I found in a paper article that sums it up:

"It is unbelievable to think that people or even a machine could scale such a grade. In numbers, it doesn't sound so bad; the climb starts at a little over 6,500 feet elevation and ends at 8,644. According to the US Geological Survey, the average gradient is 41% with the maximum being 68% and is 1.02 miles long."

Foote invited some friends of ours, the Rigbys to do the incline too. He then came home to tell me he had set it up with the Rigbys to go on Saturday. I don't ever remember saying that I wanted to go, but I was invited and I can't pass up a challenge. So now our whole family was going. Remember I am almost seven months pregnant. I hear about the incline from my die-hard running friends that go and run it every week trying to beat their time. The last thing I want to do is go climb thousands of stairs to the top a mountain with a three and four year old. But there is also that part of me that is always a sucker for something that sounds like a challenge.

First thing I notice on Saturday morning is that no one brings small kids to do the incline. The Rigby's are newlyweds and so don't have to worry about getting kids to the top of the mountain. In fact I don't think I see anyone doing the incline under the age of fifteen. I am sure people thought we were either cruel or crazy parents. We made it to the top it took over two hours, but we did it. I actually had no problems I really did not even get winded because I had Brooklyn and she wanted to stop so often and rest that I never went long enough to get really tired. Brooklyn spent about half of the hike claiming that she did not "know how to climb stairs" even though she just climbed several hundred.

I probably ended up carrying Brooklyn for about a quarter of the way up the Incline and about all the way off the mountain so that was the hardest part of the whole hike and extra 40 pounds on my back and the extra 20 on my front. She was so tired that she fell asleep on my shoulders and snored in my ear the whole four mile hike off the mountain. I was like everyones motivation no one wanted to get passed up by a pregnant lady carrying a three year old.

September is almost over AHHH! Where does the time go. Although I am starting to wonder if we are ever going to see fall here in colorado. It has been nice to be able to enjoy an extended summer. Here are some of this months fun moments.

The girls and I attended a baseball game with our friends Angie and Cassidy Johnson. This year Aly was finally brave enough to pose with Sox the Fox while Brooklyn Was to scared to go anywhere near him.

We went to the balloon glow over labor day weekend the girls loved the balloons so much that I could not even get them to hold still for a picture they kept turning to watch the balloons light up.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls

Foote has his ringtone set to the Beastie Boys hit song Girls Girls Girls. It was funny because his brother turned to him and said, "Girls Girls Girls, Seriously?" He replied "this is my theme song, all I have girls" girls, girls and now........yes another girl. I know this is old news for people who see us on a weekly basis or talk to my mom, but for others, (drum roll please) this is me finally, at six months announcing that we are expecting girl #3. We are due Christmas Day. I am blessed to have easy pregnancies so really the only low part of the pregnancy was that the doctor made me stop running for three months. This was a really hard adjustment to make (runners may understand). So I compensated by becoming a master at spin class. I am attempting to run again, now that I have permission. The truth is, I am just to pregnant. The girls are excited and love to peek into my belly button and tell me that they can see the baby like it is a peep hole. Brooklyn tries to convince me on a daily basis that the baby wants to come out, as if I am holding her prisoner and it's time for her time out to come to an end.

I am excited, but all of the sudden a little overwhelmed as I realize I am now a mom to three girls, and a lot of what they learn about the type of mothers and wives that they may some day become will depend on the example I set......too stressful to think about.

Friday, September 10, 2010

ER Adventure

With girls that think they need to climb everything in sight and have dare devil blood running through their veins. No matter how much I try to convince them that they can just walk down the stairs, that they don't have to slide down the banister, or that no matter how good they think they are at swimming they really cannot quite swim on their own yet, they refuse to listen. So it was only a matter of time before we ended up in the ER. Here is our first stitches incident. Aly split her chin open while cannon-balling into the bath tub. I can not even count the amount of times I have asked them not to jump in the tub, but it still has not deterred them from their jumping in the tub contest.

Aly was so proud of her stitches that I am not sure that it was a good thing to take her to the ER she loves to tell everyone about how brave she was and displaying her battle wounds. I overheard her talking to a friend and it really sounded more like she was giving tips to her friend on some possible ways to get an injury that might be ER worthy.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Intentions

I am plagued with being a woman of good intentions I always have a list about a mile long of things that I would like to do. The trouble is that only about a fraction of them end up happening and turning out the way I had hoped.

Todays projects included getting a treat made and delivered to all my visiting teaching sisters, planning family home evening for my family and extended family, making an ice cream birthday cake for Foote, and delivering primary thank yous to all the people that helped in my sharing time over a week ago, and plan a outline for my joy school meeting. Not to mention just all the normal day to day stuff.

I tried to hurry and get my cookies baked so that I could meet my companion at 2:oo to deliver the treats. Baking usually ends up being a pain for me because I rarely bake because I definitely don't need to eat any sweet treats. I was out of eggs so I did a store run to get my eggs and ingredients for the ice cream cake. I begin again to bake only to realize that I don't have any brown sugar so I hurry and load the girls back up in the car and race back to the store and buy some brown sugar. I come home and realize I will need to get not only the cookies finished, but the ice cream cake done as well or it won't have enough time to freeze so I get the ice cream out to soften and start to make my cookies only to realize that I am out of vanilla.....Ahhh! I am now down to the hour to get cookies made and plated and the ice cream cake finished and I am out of time......How important is vanilla really? And to top it all off the tears of frustration begin to fall (I am pregnant after all). Aly who has been at my side the whole time wanting to help asks, "Mom why are you crying?" How to answer this question without losing it? "I am just sad because I wish I was a super mom, but I am not.".....Aly thinks about this for a minute and responds....."Didn't you know all moms are made with magic?"......sigh how does a four year old know exactly what to say to make me smile?