Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Intentions

I am plagued with being a woman of good intentions I always have a list about a mile long of things that I would like to do. The trouble is that only about a fraction of them end up happening and turning out the way I had hoped.

Todays projects included getting a treat made and delivered to all my visiting teaching sisters, planning family home evening for my family and extended family, making an ice cream birthday cake for Foote, and delivering primary thank yous to all the people that helped in my sharing time over a week ago, and plan a outline for my joy school meeting. Not to mention just all the normal day to day stuff.

I tried to hurry and get my cookies baked so that I could meet my companion at 2:oo to deliver the treats. Baking usually ends up being a pain for me because I rarely bake because I definitely don't need to eat any sweet treats. I was out of eggs so I did a store run to get my eggs and ingredients for the ice cream cake. I begin again to bake only to realize that I don't have any brown sugar so I hurry and load the girls back up in the car and race back to the store and buy some brown sugar. I come home and realize I will need to get not only the cookies finished, but the ice cream cake done as well or it won't have enough time to freeze so I get the ice cream out to soften and start to make my cookies only to realize that I am out of vanilla.....Ahhh! I am now down to the hour to get cookies made and plated and the ice cream cake finished and I am out of time......How important is vanilla really? And to top it all off the tears of frustration begin to fall (I am pregnant after all). Aly who has been at my side the whole time wanting to help asks, "Mom why are you crying?" How to answer this question without losing it? "I am just sad because I wish I was a super mom, but I am not.".....Aly thinks about this for a minute and responds....."Didn't you know all moms are made with magic?"......sigh how does a four year old know exactly what to say to make me smile?

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