Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seeking Motivation

I have always loved documentaries. The last few months it has just got a little out of control every time I have any TV time which is usually at night after kids are in bed and I have clothes to fold or have to clean the family room anyway. Thanks to Watch Instantly Netflix I have hundreds of documentaries to choose from. Over the last couple months I think I have watched a few to many documentaries on our food industry or weight related documentaries the combination has left me feeling guilty every time I go shopping or to prepare food because the cheap part of me and the want to be healthy part of me go to war with each other. I just can't convince myself to shell out twice or three times as much as I usually do on produce to buy organic. The main reason is that I just don't have the luxury of doubling my food budget.

These movies are the culprits to my current stress. If you are a documentary geek like me you should check them out.

Opened my eyes to realize that about 90% of what we eat is corn it is in so much of our food.

I watched this a long time ago, but decided to watch it again after talking to my niece who refuses to eat at McDonalds EVER! because of this film. I do think it is interesting that although she won't eat at McDonalds she will eat at other fast food chains....As if they are really that different. I hoped in re watching it maybe it would keep me from eating fast food FOREVER, but truthfully I eat fast food so rarely anyway that it really didn't do much except remind me why I so rarely eat fast food.

This movie really opened my eyes to the meat industry in the US. And kind of made me proud to say that over the last year about 70% of our meat consumption was elk because there is probably nothing more natural to eat than wild meat. I am now a little more concerned about wether or not the guys have success on their hunting trip.

This film was great. The surgeon general talks about obesity being the biggest killer in the US. It really made me think about the responsibility we have as parents to model healthy lifestyles and provide that for our kids.
This film made me feel guilty for all the times I have rolled my eyes at my dad and his daily regimen of vitamins and supplements. I have heard the argument for raw foods or power foods to help with about every type of illness or problem, but this film was very convincing in helping me realize that we really underestimate the power of nature and our own bodies to make us healthy.

Now that I have the eating right guilt down all I need is a few documentaries on exercise guilt and I might motivated to face the new year.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Little Dwyn

I am finally getting around to posting about the new little love in my life and put some rumors to rest. I have to admit that sometimes when preparing for a new baby I sometimes have feelings of pure fear. I have not always had the happiest babies and sometimes I am scared that I will go crazy trying to cope with the hours of crying. I tried to mentally prepare myself for a newborn by reminding myself on a daily basis of all the time and energy a new baby would require and that it would just be for a season and not last forever.

Our little Dwyn Lylian Foote was born on December 23rd at 1:19am and was 7lbs 9 1/2oz. Contrary to rumor my labor lasted more than 10 minutes although I left my house at 12:45 and she was born at 1:19 that includes driving to the hospital getting to the third floor and from triage to delivery. I was worried we might not make it, but everything went well. I am loving having a newborn. Last night I found myself wanting to cry as I realized how short of a time she would be so little. I wished I could pause time and keep her little. Her sisters adore her and tell me that I can leave at any time because they can babysit. That would definitely be interesting since Foote had to explain to them that baby sitting did not mean sitting on the baby.

To answer questions as to her name it is a Welsh. Like most names Dwyn has several meanings but some of the most common are pleasant and steadfast both of which I really liked. Andrew also served half of his mission in Wales and traces a lot of family history back through Wales, so it is a name with meaning for him.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Excuses Excuses

It has been a crazy last few months. I have been meaning to update this blog forever and keep putting it off. The beginning of October I was offered a job with the Gazette our local newspaper as a supervisor over the distribution of their niche products. Which basically means all their free products they print which include Freshink, Academy Spirit, Spring Values, and Sunday Preferred. I have to make sure these products are being delivered, keep track of returns, and make sure numbers are reported to the right people. It is an ideal job for me because it only requires a couple early mornings a week and than a few hours of driving around verifying delivery a week.

A few days after I started my new position I got a call from the Gazette single copy delivery asking if I could help substitute since they had two routes down and were desperate for help. I asked how long they would need help and they said a couple of weeks. That was the beginning of October and I was calling them from the hospital the morning Dwyn was born on December 23rd to let them know I would not be able to do the route. My schedule was a little like this I would leave my house at a little after 2am to deliver my single copy route every day except on Wednesdays and Fridays I had to go in early and do my new position before I delivered my route. On Wednesdays and Fridays I would go in about 12:30 do the work for my new position and then go deliver my single copy route at about 3am. I would than get home by about 6am and need to have kids up and ready for preschool by 8:30. Sometimes I could sneak in about a 45 min catnap, but most days it is just easier to stay up. To add to the craziness the last few weeks I was pregnant it was also my turn to teach preschool on Monday and Wednesday. When did I sleep?....I guess it is a good thing that my body adjusted a long time ago to surviving on about 4 hours because I usually manage to get about that much squeezed in somewhere.

Most days I was just trying to remember that even though I was tired I still need to remain patient and kind while fighting with a three year old while she insisted that she had to wear her tap shoes to school with her sweat suit. There was really only one word that summed up how I felt. Exhausted. The point of this post is not to complain, but more to show that I have a good excuse why I have been such a slacker on keeping up on my blog. Now that I am no longer delivering a route everyday I might have some extra energy to keep up my blog on a regular basis. Although I am still getting up with a newborn it is easier than doing a route.