Monday, February 21, 2011

Shake it Up... A lot.

Foote comes home from an update course for Real Estate and tells me that he's in violation. A law passed last year that took effect this year, and because we have a property management company that is not a part of the brokerage Foote was with, that's not allowed anymore and he could potentially lose his license. Suddenly we have to leave the company and start our own. This all happened within the last two weeks of January, Foote took the class, determined that he had to start his own company, find an office we could afford (sort of), move his office, set up internet, phone and fax, register with the state and the local association and get new business cards. There is still a lot to do, but the new company is official and we're working on getting some publicity. If you don't mind, visit the new Facebook page and like it. C Springs Realty LLC He's also offering 4.5% listings to start building inventory in his new company, so tell all your friends.

The website for the new company is

Wish us luck.