Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alyson a work of Art

Alyson, over the last few months has become obsessed with art. She colors, paints, draws and writes for hours everyday. I bought her an art kit for Christmas and it has been worth its weight in gold. I have given up on putting it away, because I just have to get it right back out. It has become a permanent fixture on our table. Alyson turned 5 on February 26th, and we had her friends over for an art party. We had a great time celebrating by doing all of her favorite things. This is the "Art Party" breakdown.

We started the party by having all her friends help her paint, color, or draw on her happy birthday mural on the wall.

I used some of Aly's recent artwork to decorate, I then took one of her masterpieces off the wall and told the kids that it was stolen by the art thief. We had to follow the clues to find the stolen Art piece and earn a reward.

We played a balloon game, where all the kids popped a balloon, and if they got the balloon with the winning number they got to pick a prize.

The kiddos each got their own miniature cakes to decorate, and eat with some ice cream. Thanks to my wonderful sister Shanda, for taking the time to frost all the miniature cakes for me. Aly decided, instead of having candles on her cake that she wanted a candle on all her friends cakes, so they could all blow out candles together.

While we waited for parents to come, I pulled out some playdough for each of the kids, and let them practice making sculptures of anything they wanted. One of my friends mentioned, I was very brave to have ten five year olds, with art supplies, having a free for all in the house. It was a little crazy, but a lot of fun.