Thursday, April 7, 2011

Natalee leaves on her Mission

Aunt Natalee and uncle Dan with all the grandkids that were at the missionary FHE.

I'm finally posting this now that my sister has been on her mission for over a month. We're loving having a family member on a mission. I think when my brothers served, I was either to young or to involved in my own life to keep up with everything. With Natalee I am always thinking of things to write to her or counting down to her next letter.

Natalee left Feb 26th for the MTC, to prepare for her mission to Romania. When I told Alyson about it she said, "Oh like the man in our book" (Referring to the story of Ammon we read recently). This was a proud moment for me most of the time I don't even know if she is listening when we read the scriptures together. Alyson became very concerned about Natalee being captured by the Lamanites like in the Book of Mormon stories. I tried to explain that Ammon's story took place at a different time, but I am not sure that this concept makes sense to her. Alyson has started to refer to different time periods as worlds so for example she will say, "Did he live in Jesus' world? or did this happen in our world?"

Anyway.....My sister Shanda, who is always full of great ideas, thought it would be fun if we had a missionary FHE to help the kids better understand what a missionary is, and help them get excited for Natalee and her Mission. We all got together at Grandma and Grandpa's house and the kids all helped with the program. Natalee taught the lesson and for the activity Shanda had little headshots of all the return missionaries in the family, and the kids all got a chance to match each missionary on a world map to the country where they served.

The kids played pin the name tag on the missionary while being blindfolded.
To finish, the kids got to color a picture of a missionary while all the return missionaries told short stories from their missions. Grandpa even got out the slide projector....I know the slide projector.

It was great not only for the kids, but I think it did a lot for all the return missionaries to have a reminder of the special experiences that happened on their mission. Thanks Shanda, for not only having great ideas, but for always being willing to act on them.