Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aly's Age 5 Interview

Sum up of Aly's favorites and interests at 5.

What is your Favorite Book?
"Hop on Pop," She loves this book because she can read it all by herself. It took about fifteen minutes for her to work her way through it the first time, but now she has it down and loves to haul it around reading it to Brooklyn or anyone that will listen. The other day we did an outing to the theater and I turned around as we walked into the theater and realized Aly had not left "Hop on Pop" in the car...seriously your bringing the book into the movie? This girl loves that she can read.

What is your Favorite Food?
Fruit! That sums it up although strawberries are her favorite. Aly has yet to meet a fruit that she does not like. I bought a pound of Strawberries yesterday and they are gone and Aly is the only one that had any, if I forget to hide the fruit it is gone in just a couple days. Did you know that tomato is a fruit? And yes she will eat them like apples.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Who are your friends?
"Brad, Cassidy, Aubrey, Kaitlyn, Katie, Megan, Madison, and cousins, but Brad is my best friend." Aly loves Brad because, as she puts it "He is always nice to me." This is a boy that she goes to school and primary with, and just adores. She is always drawing pictures or making presents for Brad, and always wants him to come over to play. After their last playdate I have theory on why she gets along so well he is just so laid back that Aly can boss him around or talk nonstop to him and he just agrees with whatever she says.

What to be When you grow up?
A painter

What is your favorite movie?
The new Tinkerbell movie and Caillou

What is your favorite scripture story?
"Moroni, who prayed for a long time" (obviously we have some more teaching and clarifying to do when it comes to scripture stories.)

What is your favorite sport?
Swimming. She saw the swim team practicing when we went swimming with Grandma Foote. She wants to be on the swim team, but she has to be six and be able to do the crawl and backstroke for 25 yards. She is going to have to practice a lot this summer if she wants to join next year.

Things that I want to remember about Aly at this age:

This girl is so easy to teach. I work with her almost everyday on reading, writing and math and I'm blown away at how far she has come in a year. I also love her enthusiasm for learning. I told her I would teach her to read an analog clock when she memorized her multiples of five. That was all it took, TWO DAYs later she had them mastered. I am excited to see how she does when she starts kindergarten.

Aly loves ART. This is a gene that she did not get from me. I bought Aly and Brooklyn art kits for Christmas, and Aly has worn out both hers and Brooklyns and has put some good wear and tear on a new one she received for her birthday.

Her life is a musical she is constantly singing. If we are combing her hair she is singing about combing her hair. If I tell her to get her shoes on she is singing about her shoes. Her songs are so simple and funny.