Sunday, August 14, 2011

School time Seriously?

I may be the only mother that wants to stand up and protest, but these summers are just way to short. I always have a list of about 100 things I would like to do with my kids over the summer, and I am usually lucky to do five. This summer we spent our time poolside, camping, and at the library.

Colorado Springs, within the last few years, has become the target of the hardcore gyms. You know the ones that are "112,000 sq ft of healthy luxury" (whatever that's supposed to mean?) I guess working out is supposed to be more enjoyable if it is at a pretty the way, not true. Since these gyms were just getting their start I was able to get some good deals that would assure us that we could at least spend the summer at a pool. Alyson, Brooklyn and Dwyn logged a lot of swimming hours this year. Brooklyn was one of the youngest to pass the swimming test. She had to swim 25 meters on her own, in deep water. She passed with flying colors. Alyson is finally tall enough to go down the slide, which made Brooklyn determined that she should be tall enough also. Despite being told by life guards on multiple occasions, that Brooklyn was to small, she took every opportunity she could to sneak down the slide....Despite my continual warnings.

This is where we lived this summer or at least an exact replica of the our pool I think this one is in Texas.

Camping - I have decided that one of my dream vacations is to just camp all summer long. As soon as the kids get out of school we would take off on a road trip across the US and see some of the sites, camping all along the way. If we like the place we stay an extra night, if not we just move on to the next campsite. If kids are dirty, who cares were camping? If I eat completely unhealthy, who cares I am camping? I haven't quite figured out how Foote is supposed to work while we are camping all across the US, but I am determined that one of these summers we are going to do it.

Brooklyn loves everything about camping.

Foote wants the girls to learn how to set up their own tent. Aly had a great time helping.

The camping face.....Who cares? We're camping.

Library - Both of the girls really got away with slacking off on their reading this summer. I usually make them read at least 20 min a day during the week, but this summer we were just to busy playing and I let them slack off. They did the bare minimum to get all their prizes with the summer reading program and loved getting out of their daily reading.

Enjoying running through the fountains after listening to a concert in the park. This is what summer is all about

Alas...It has all come to an end. Aly started Kindergarten on the 3rd of August, and Brooklyn started preschool this week. So I will now have to move the other 95 items to my to do list for next summer. Hope you all had a great summer full of fun experiences and lots of adventures.

Aly ready for the first day of school

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