Monday, August 6, 2012

Brooklyn is five

Brooklyn Turned five on June 10th

What is your favorite color - light pink

What is your favorite book - She grabbed the first book she could find which happened to be the Jungle Book so I guess there is no current favorite.

What is your favorite Food - cold cereal

What is your favorite thing to do - going swimming and to the park

What do you want to do when you grow up - I want to teach ballet class (probably not going to happen if she never takes a ballet class)

For Brooklyn's fifth birthday she selected to have a rainbow party.  We decorated in rainbow colors and had fun searching for the treasure at the end of the rainbow and breaking a piƱata.

Things I want to remember about Brooklyn at age 5.  Brooklyn is my little helper if I need help with the baby she is the first one I ask.  Brooklyn is very aware of her world and people around her.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Raelyn's Blessing

Raelyn was blessed the first weekend in June it was a little crazy because we returned from our trip to New Orleans the night before the blessing.  All of her grandparents were able to make it to the blessing as well as her great-grandma Bammer.  Raelyn is such a beautiful happy baby.

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Orleans

The week after the girls got out of school we took a trip to New Orleans.  Why?  We had a time share to swap and the cheapest airline tickets were to New Orleans. Since we really have no other reasons to visit the south we figured why not? We decided to go on the trip Wednesday, and left for the trip Saturday.  Who said you can't be spontaneous with kids?  We had a lot of fun and also learned a lot of lessons, like don't try to travel with two kids and two babies with only carry ons. Not worth the headache or the craziness.  Don't try and do two strollers with two adults in and out of street cars. Go for the front carrier if the baby is small enough.  It was an adventure and we had a good time and enjoyed the excellent food. Although, I have to say I was not a fan of crawfish.  We stayed in the French Quarter, and we looked a little out of place hauling around four kids two of which are babies, Especially on the few nights that we were still out and about when the drinking crowds started to come out for the night.  Foote would get pats on the back and comments like, "God bless you man."   

We found Brooklyn street just for Brooklyn

The girls in front of the "Nemo" tank at that Aquarium

Petting the Sting rays.

cooling off in the fountain in Jackson Square

Walk down Bourbon Street

The girls were enthralled with the history tour

Touring the City of the dead

Good times on the Mississippi

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finishing the School Year

After Raelyn was born it felt like the rest of the school year just flew by in a blur.  Aly completed another season of running club.  Brooklyn graduated from preschool with her play the "Three Piggy Opera"  She was the first little pig, and spent weeks and weeks singing her part at the top of her lungs.  On performance day she was a little more shy and sang her parts barely loud enough to hear.  Aly also graduated from kindergarten.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lesson learned: Why We Lock the Car

Ok, I will admit that I am not great about locking my car.  What can I say I grew up in small communities for most of my life. The threat of having your car stolen by someone other than as a practical joke was not very likely.  And, for the rest of my driving life I have had cars that if someone stole them my words to them would be good luck.  In fact someone once stole the truck that I was driving at the time and we found it abandoned a few miles away.  Did I mention that the heater was malfunctioning so it was on full blast all the time and it was the middle of summer.

My lack of locking the car drives Foote crazy.  While his locking his door all the time drives me crazy. I mean why do you need to lock your car door if it is in the garage and all the doors to the garage are locked.  I am now willing to admit that I was wrong. We don't only lock our car doors to keep it from getting stolen. We lock our car doors to keep our children out.  Brooklyn took my van for a little drive this afternoon, and by some miracle she managed not to hit any neighborhood kids or take out any of the six vehicles parked on the street.

I hear Brooklyn screaming, and I look out the window to check and see what is wrong.   My car is halfway down the street and backwards, sticking out into the middle of the street.  my first panic was Where are all the other kids? I just checked on the girls a minute ago while they were playing with the neighborhood kids.  Panic sets in, I am just praying that no one tried to stop the car and got ran over.   Lesson learned, if you are like me and don't lock your doors, I am passing my new found wisdom on to you.  
This is how I found my car.   I am taking a picture from the driveway Brooklyn backed out of she did a perfect arch .

The neighbor kid said, "Well she didn't hit anything she's probably going to be a great driver"....If I wasn't   still so shocked by the fact that my four year old just drove my car. I probably would have burst out laughing at the attempt of our sweet neighbor boy to help me see the bright side of the situation.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Princess #4

Raelyn Lyneth Foote - Princess number four has arrived.  She was born April 16th weighing 7lbs 7oz and was 19 inches long.  She was my first baby to come c-section so that was a whole new experience.  Recovery has been a little slower this go around and I am restless, and ready to get back into a normal routine.

Raelyn has been a great baby.  I think the truth is that by number four I have finally got the newborn routine down and know what to expect, so maybe my babies have not been getting easier, maybe I am just finally getting better at being a mom to a newborn.

Foote is modeling the outfit he was required to wear for the birth.  The nurses kept reminding him to keep his clothes on underneath.  I guess not long ago one of the fathers put the flattering outfit on and took off all his clothes underneath.  It is completely cheap see through material.  I am not sure how you would not know to keep your clothes on.  What was really funny was that Foote remembered talking to a group of guys at church and one of them shared how he had put the surgical outfit on without clothes. If only he knew how much of an impact he made every nurse that came to check on me kept reminding Foote to keep his clothes on.

The girls having their first visit with Raelyn.  Dwyn was not sure what to think of this new little sister

(Me and my girls)  Got to love those hospital shots where you look like you haven't showered or slept for days.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebrating Easter

The girls had a great time celebrating Easter with their cousins this year. We spent Saturday with the Foote's searching for eggs. Grandma's Easter egg hiding has a tradition of being so good that every year we are unable to find at least a couple eggs. Once again several eggs were never found. We had a great time enjoying lunch and relaxing and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.

On Sunday after church we went to the Hickman's for Easter dinner, FHE, another Easter egg hunt and to celebrate Grandma's birthday. The girls had a great time with their cousins and while I am still trying to master teaching family home evenings that are not to long for two and three year olds the kids did really well.

Spring Break - Trip to see Dirty Old Houses

We decided last minute to do an in state road trip for Spring Break and check out some sites. When we told the girls about it, Brooklyn immediately started packing a dress for everyday along with a matching hair bow.  Foote told her that we were going to some ruins and that dresses were not the best choice of clothes to wear. "What are ruins?" Brooky asked.  They are old houses and there is a lot of dirt, so you don't want to get your pretty dresses dirty. That statement became the sum up of our trip. I over heard the girls tell their neighborhood friends, "We are going on a road trip to see some dirty old houses."

In the car we would constantly be asked, "When will we get to the dirty old houses?" I also love this age when they are trying to comprehend how big the world is we constantly got questions "Are we still in Colorado?" "Are we in a different country yet?", "Will they talk like us where we are going?" They were shocked to find out that for most of our trip we would be in Colorado.

Foote really wanted to get out of town and have a break for a few days so we decided now would probably be the best time since by the end of the month we will have a new baby. So we will not even be able to do road trips in our little car anymore. So the option is travel with a very pregnant wife or a newborn. I guess he thought he could handle my whining more than a crying newborn. Between all the craziness now seemed like the best time to sneak in a family vacation. Short and sweet.

We left town late Saturday afternoon and returned late Wednesday night so it was a quick trip. Our first stop on the trip was the Four Corners. The girls have been working on learning the names of all fifty states so this was a great chance to let them visit four all at once. Although the girls had a great time lets face it they are still the age when the biggest thrill is swimming in the hotel pool at the end of the day.

We spent a day at Mesa Verde seeing all the ancient ruins and learning about the history of the Natives of the area. I love trying to picture what places like this must of been like when they were in use. The girls did great and Dad gave them both their own digital cameras to take as many pictures as they wanted so at the end of the day I think we have over 300 pictures from the girls cameras alone. Aly still just starting to read took a picture of any sign she came across if it was on a sign it must be important.

We then spent an afternoon enjoying the hot springs in Pagosa Springs. It was really fun, although the girls really have a hard time just sitting in water. The idea of just sitting in a pool and relaxing is so hard for them, but this seems to be true for most children their age.  So at least I was not the only one telling my kids to go swim in the pool, the hot pools are for sitting and relaxing. Trying to shower and dress all the girls after the swim was probably the low point of the trip. That place really needs family dressing rooms. I also could not help, but think I will be adding another girl to the craziness in just a few weeks. With all the tears and fighting happening in our dressing room I am sure that all the other women were looking at this very pregnant lady and thinking are you crazy?

Despite the many years that I lived right next to the Royal Gorge, I never actually went to the park. Although I crossed the bridge once when it was free at Christmas time. So we took a day and did a train ride through the Royal Gorge and went to the park. The girls loved the small crowds and being able to ride the carrousel over and over.

The following photos are all Alysons by the end of the trip she had more than 300 photos and as you can tell everything was photo worthy.

This is one of my favorites because it is definitely what her view was for a lot of the trip.

She may not be able to read the sign, but at least she took a picture