Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dwyn turns One

It does not seem to be possible that a year could already have passed. Our little Dwyn turned one on December 23rd. We celebrated with family on Christmas Day. I figured she is still young enough that we can get away with that for now. Although, I have been warned by multiple people with Christmas birthdays that I better be sure to keep Christmas and her birthday seperate in the future.

Dwyn at age one is just so cute. I love this age when your baby is still baby enough that you can just hold them and squeeze them, and big enough to squeeze back. Dwyn is such a good baby and has such "a go with the flow attitude," I think it might be a requirement for a third child. Dwyn loves to play peek-a-boo. I think my favorite place to see her play peek-a-boo is at church, she ducks down behind the bench and jumps up trying to get anyone that is sitting behind us to smile or play with her. While I have to admit it is not reverent, and I have to stop her from doing it so she does not make it impossible for anyone behind us to pay attention, it is so cute. Dwyn also is facinated by all the sounds that she can make with her mouth or with anyone elses. Often I will be holding her and talking and she will start bouncing her finger between my lips trying to get different sounds. She is just beginning to talk and sign. She says Dad and Mom the most, but she can also sign some beginning words like; eat, no, thank you, bath, all done, more, mom, dad, and a few others. Dwyn is crawling everywhere, but not quite ready to walk although she moves around furniture pretty well. Dwyn does drive me crazy with her sleep schedule at 12mos she still is not consistently sleeping through the night. One night she can sleep all through the night and the next night she can wake up every two hours crying, and it is quite the process to soothe her and get her back to bed.

Our poor Dwyn being a third child has had to deal with the dangers of older siblings. Aly and Brookie are always trying to be helpful, often in their attempts to help end up hurting instead of helping. Alyson's famous words while around Dwyn are: "It was an accident." This phrase is the opening statement Aly uses when talking about why Dwyn is crying. Brooklyn loves to carry Dwyn around and hold her which considering that she is probably about half the size of Brooklyn can be a little scary. The other day I put Dwyn in the sink to bath and left the water running. I was not worried about the sink over flowing because it had an overflow drain and the water was not on very high. I went about five feet down the hall to get a washcloth. Meanwhile Brooklyn walked into the bathroom and saw the water in the sink and immedately thought she should shut it off so it would not overflow. The only problem, is that she shut off the cold before she shut off the hot. Despite my run back to the bathroom at Dwyn's screams she still had a secound degree burn on her leg. Too much help. The girls, despite their frequent accidents really do adore her and she loves being the center of attention.

Dwyn on Christmas with her new scar from her second degree burn

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