Monday, May 7, 2012

Lesson learned: Why We Lock the Car

Ok, I will admit that I am not great about locking my car.  What can I say I grew up in small communities for most of my life. The threat of having your car stolen by someone other than as a practical joke was not very likely.  And, for the rest of my driving life I have had cars that if someone stole them my words to them would be good luck.  In fact someone once stole the truck that I was driving at the time and we found it abandoned a few miles away.  Did I mention that the heater was malfunctioning so it was on full blast all the time and it was the middle of summer.

My lack of locking the car drives Foote crazy.  While his locking his door all the time drives me crazy. I mean why do you need to lock your car door if it is in the garage and all the doors to the garage are locked.  I am now willing to admit that I was wrong. We don't only lock our car doors to keep it from getting stolen. We lock our car doors to keep our children out.  Brooklyn took my van for a little drive this afternoon, and by some miracle she managed not to hit any neighborhood kids or take out any of the six vehicles parked on the street.

I hear Brooklyn screaming, and I look out the window to check and see what is wrong.   My car is halfway down the street and backwards, sticking out into the middle of the street.  my first panic was Where are all the other kids? I just checked on the girls a minute ago while they were playing with the neighborhood kids.  Panic sets in, I am just praying that no one tried to stop the car and got ran over.   Lesson learned, if you are like me and don't lock your doors, I am passing my new found wisdom on to you.  
This is how I found my car.   I am taking a picture from the driveway Brooklyn backed out of she did a perfect arch .

The neighbor kid said, "Well she didn't hit anything she's probably going to be a great driver"....If I wasn't   still so shocked by the fact that my four year old just drove my car. I probably would have burst out laughing at the attempt of our sweet neighbor boy to help me see the bright side of the situation.

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Connie said...

OMG! That is SO SCARY!!!!!!! I am happy to hear no one was hurt, but myohmy! That is a crazy story! One for locking the car, you're right! I don't lock my car ever since someone BROKE MY WINDOW to steal the radio, and the CAR WAS UNLOCKED! But, I guess you have shown me the other ways you need it locked...