Friday, June 29, 2012

New Orleans

The week after the girls got out of school we took a trip to New Orleans.  Why?  We had a time share to swap and the cheapest airline tickets were to New Orleans. Since we really have no other reasons to visit the south we figured why not? We decided to go on the trip Wednesday, and left for the trip Saturday.  Who said you can't be spontaneous with kids?  We had a lot of fun and also learned a lot of lessons, like don't try to travel with two kids and two babies with only carry ons. Not worth the headache or the craziness.  Don't try and do two strollers with two adults in and out of street cars. Go for the front carrier if the baby is small enough.  It was an adventure and we had a good time and enjoyed the excellent food. Although, I have to say I was not a fan of crawfish.  We stayed in the French Quarter, and we looked a little out of place hauling around four kids two of which are babies, Especially on the few nights that we were still out and about when the drinking crowds started to come out for the night.  Foote would get pats on the back and comments like, "God bless you man."   

We found Brooklyn street just for Brooklyn

The girls in front of the "Nemo" tank at that Aquarium

Petting the Sting rays.

cooling off in the fountain in Jackson Square

Walk down Bourbon Street

The girls were enthralled with the history tour

Touring the City of the dead

Good times on the Mississippi

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